Energy Resources


The Alaska Division of Geological & Geophysical Surveys, Energy Resources Section generates new information about the geologic framework of frontier areas that may host undiscovered oil, gas, coal, or geothermal resources. Summary maps and reports illustrate the geology of the state's prospective energy basins and provide data relating to the location, type, and potential of the state's energy resources. The Energy Resources Section seeks to improve the success of state-revenue-generating commercial oil and gas exploration and development and to identify local sources of energy for rural Alaska villages and enterprises.

Energy Resources FY15 project descriptions

  • Alaska coal database, National Coal Resource Database System - Provides data to the National Coal Resource Database System
  • Alaska geothermal database, National Geothermal Data System - Alaska geological survey contributions to the National Geothermal Data System
  • Cook Inlet geology and hydrocarbon potential - Cook Inlet basin analysis program aimed at developing a better understanding of the near-margin stratigraphic and structural components of the Cook Inlet petroleum system
  • Iniskin Peninsula - Bedrock geologic map of the Iniskin Peninsula area, lower Cook Inlet, Alaska; STATEMAP grant no. G13AC00157
  • North Slope - Ongoing program conducting stratigraphic, structural, and petroleum related studies in northern Alaska
  • Susitna and Nenana Basins, natural gas potential - Geology and natural gas potential of the Susitna and Nenana basins