Geophysics Posters and Presentations

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Emond, A.M. and others, 2015 Report
Emond, A.M., Sicard, K.R., Jones, J.V., Saltus, R.W., Wypych, Alicja, and Twelker, Evan, 2015, Geophysical and geological investigations of the Tanacross region, Alaska (presentation): Alaska Miners Association Annual Convention, November 1-7, 2015: Alaska Division of Geological & Geophysical Surveys, 46 p.
Emond, A.M. and others, 2014 Report
Emond, A.M., Burns, L.E., and Graham, G.R.C., 2014, DGGS Airborne Geophysical data, Applications, Insights, and Updates: Fall 2014 (presentation): Alaska Miners Association Annual Conference, November 3-7, 2014: Anchorage, Alaska: Alaska Division of Geological & Geophysical Surveys, 36 p.
Solie, D.N. and Burns, L.E., 2006 Map
Solie, D.N., and Burns, L.E., 2006, Geology, geophysics, and geohazards along the Alaska Highway corridor, a project of the Alaska Division of Geological & Geophysical Surveys (poster): Yukon Geoscience Annual Convention, Whitehorse, November, 2006: Alaska Division of Geological & Geophysical Surveys, 1 sheet.